Washing Instructions:
 I use 100% silk fabric in  my ribbons and cords. 
Everthing may be hand washed in cool water. Use a mild plain dish soap with no additives.  Hang them to dry.
For the ribbons you may use a cool iron to press them out.  The ribbons will stretch when pressed. If you have a section of a ribbon that stretches too far re-wet it and let it shrink back and repress.
 Return Policy 
For the most part all sales are final.
If you are not sure of what the colors look like compared to your screen you can send me a message.  
I understand sometimes the color is not quite what you need for your project so I will exchange with another color as long as you pay for shipping and tracking and return the ribbons within a week. 
In order to exchange an item: 
Email me immediately. 
Mail the item back within one week.
All Custom orders are final
Payment Options
I accept Paypal and United States Postal Service money orders.
USPS money orders may be purchased at your local (U.S.) post office. Please do not send personal checks.
 I  stopped accepting checks. It took  me forever to cash checks!  ;) 
I go  to the post office all the time! Once I found they SELL money orders at the Post Office I was set!  :)

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